New CLIENTS Please fill out an application for CPN/SCN..BE Sure to include a working phone # so I  may contact you.

Clear New Credit History

You can receive a new SCN/CPN which can be used to start a new clean credit file

Uses For A SCN/CPN

You can use your new SCN Number for anything that would normally require credit reporting purposes.

Use to get Bank Accounts,credit cards, personal loans, Auto loans, apartments, utilities, cable, cell phones, etc. However,

This number does not replace your social security number and should not be used for any government purposes such as but not limited to: Military, Child support, DSS, Income/SSI, Taxes, FHA, VA, or any government backed funding.

You are still legally responsible for any transactions or obligations you secure with your SCN



We are here to help you obtain a new credit profile number, so you can better your current credit file.

This is not a permanent solution. A permanent solution is to fix your real credit and ​to learn how to use your credit wisely, and not over extend yourself. ​​​​​​



What we do is provide you with a new, clean credit profile number.

We do NOT ever use other people's numbers.

We get a low limit credit card, with a few other low limit credit cards to begin building your file. Its completely up to you to sustain your credit!



Do not fall for anyone offering large credit cards with NEW CPNs. It is impossible to do. You must build your CPN just like you would any credit file. It takes time. It is NOT a quick fix!  

There are times when the first credit card offered asks for additional information to activate, this is because the creditors verification process has changed, if this happens, do not worry. Your CPN is still good and can still be built upon!

Adding small Authorized User tradelines to your CPN is the best way to start building credit! If you are interested in this after you get your CPN, please refer to our Tradelines page for more information and pricing.



I also would like to state that if there are delays in receiving your CPN, that is just what it is, a delay.. Nothing more. YOU WILL at all times if you have made a payment receive your CPN or Credit Repair , even if sometimes it might be delayed very slightly.

Before you purchase a CPN/SCN I want you to realize that the CAPITAL ONE CARD is the least important card when it comes to this process. Whether the card is activated or not, it still reports as an OPEN LINE OF CREDIT. That is all we are really looking for to proceed with building your new CPN/SCN file. ​